Are you looking to buy video traffic which passing filters?

We are the team of an experts in video traffic. We can offer for you height quality video traffic from the most popular geo locations like US, UK, EU with the best price and support.

We always control our traffic with the help of ad fraud leaders of the market, such as: IAS, MOAT, Adloox, Doubleverify, Sizmek, Forensiq and etc. IVT (GIVT, SIVT) below 1%.

We can filter for you desktop, mobile and Smart TV formats. Also we can provide video traffic from the application.

Formats of video ads we can work with:

  • All-roll
  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Pause-roll
  • Overroll
  • Fly-roll
  • Content-roll.

We can simply integrate with:

  • VAST 2.0
  • VAST 3.0
  • Iframe

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